A Letter From Our Director of Finance

Meet Helen Sotropa, our Director of Finance


Dear designers & supporters,

My name is Helen Sotropa. I am a thesis student in the BFA Fashion Design program at Parsons and Treasurer of DIALECTIVE.

My work is individual to myself, giving voice to my stream of consciousness, but I’ve also discovered power through community. Inviting perspectives allows for growth, and I find it a blessing.

I’ve found that over the years, many of us have shared sentiments of frustration. But through these disappointments, eagerness emerges. Inaction leads to action. My team and I have transformed our frustrations into momentum, pouring this energy into the foundation of DIALECTIVE.

We are proud to be student-led, independent, and boundless. My role as treasurer is to make the show happen - to promise stability when translating our vision into reality. I’m extremely grateful to work alongside passionate teammates, and in the near future, alongside a collective of 20 radically distinct designers.

Let’s make lasting moments together.

Helen Sotropa
Treasurer of DIALECTIVE

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