A Letter From Our Executive Director

Meet our Executive Director, Zhexuan Hu


Dear Designers,

I am Zhexuan Hu. I am writing to you as a fellow student of the BFA Fashion Design program at Parsons.

My approach to fashion as a designer is quite simple: it is the vehicle to voice my truth.

However, it has been a laborious path for me, to be heard, and sadly this is not just my story. I find the competitive nature of fashion schools troublesome. The benefit of shared resources is often ignored. That’s when the idea of founding DIALECTIVE came to mind. We are equipped with different skill sets and specialties to build a more powerful network, so why not utilize it to the fullest?

I’ve always enjoyed working as part of a team and am not afraid to take on the responsibilities of leadership. I am more than thankful to have three extremely talented and dedicated teammates working on this project with me to make it possible. With past experiences in directing short films/editorials, planning fashion shows/productions, and coordinating backstage, I am confident in presenting a professional runway show with the team this May.

We see DIALECTIVE as the last missing piece of our thesis year, the Grand Finale, a community for designers with unrelenting drive. We are building a world from scratch in order to make our own rules, come on board with us.


Zhexuan Katherine Hu

Executive Director of DIALECTIVE

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